If you make almond milk at home as we do in our family, you make ask a question how to process remaining almond pulp.

Here we have a recipe that can help you process the almond pulp and at the same time please your guests, kids and friends (10 – 12 people).

Round cake pan, 22 cm

What you need for the first and third cake layer:
4 big cups of almond pulp, ½ cup of melted cocoa butter, 8-10 fresh dates, 4 spoonfuls of coconut nectar or another liquid sweetener of your choice, 3 spoonfuls of unroasted cocoa powder, 1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract (without alcohol) or 1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract.

Second layer:
3 bananas and ¼ of a pineapple (you can also use fairly sour apples)

¼ cup of melted cocoa butter, ¼ cup of unroasted cocoa powder, 3 – 4 spoonfuls of coconut nectar/maple syrup or other liquid syrup you prefer

Blend almond pulp with other ingredients for the first and second dessert layers. If necessary, sweeten the dough or add more fat. The dough should be smooth, not dry, so you can also add a bit of water. Put the first layer into the cake pan, cut the bananas and pineapple into thin slices and make the second layer. Finally, cover it with the third layer. Pour the chocolate over. The chocolate layer should be thin for easy cake cutting. The rest of the chocolate can be put into a silicone ice cube mould.

Allow the cake solidify in the refrigerator or a freezer.

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