A coconut tree is called a tree of life in India. From the biological point of view, coconut water is similar to human plasma. It contains a large amount of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and electrolytes. Apart from strengthening the immune system it has anti-bacterial and antiviral effect and supports proper digestion. It also improves the release of insulin into the bloodstream and boosts the “good” cholesterol (HDL). Medical studies show that it has a beneficial impact on cancer treatment.

Even though being slightly sweet, coconut water contains few calories. Drinking this delicious beverage also improves the quality of hair and complexion.

Young coconut is most often harvested from coconut trees after 5-8 months of raping. Young coconuts have a green shell that contains up to 400 ml!! of coconut water and white flesh. Young coconut water is sweetish and refreshing. It is also the best isotonic beverage as it is entirely natural and contains no additional sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Scoop the coconut flesh out with a spoon and add it into a smoothie, healthy dessert, salad or jam.

Watch the video to process young coconut easily.

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