If you have kids, the speed of meal preparation is probably most important for you. You run out of time and ideas for healthy snacks.
Smoothie advantages?
Within one drink you receive necessary vitamins and nutritional ingredients that you would hardly eat. For me a great advantage of a smoothie is that it nicely tunes my stomach for another snack without burdening it. Being a liquid cocktail, it makes it easy for the stomach to wake up in the morning, expand and get ready for more difficult foods to digest.
A smoothie can become a part of our healthy life style when literally for little money you can enjoy a perfect harmony of tastes. Since you can blend what you really want, you are your own man. Moreover, thanks to various combinations of fruits and vegetables you can conjure up a delicious drink that provides us with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre.
A recipe for a quick snack – see the video instructions

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